A Holistic Approach To Pet Wellness

In the United Kingdom, pets play an integral role in every family.  They are excellent companions to different members of the family, play with and protect the kids when need be, promote positive emotional development among young ones and can even help family members relieve stress after a long day at work.  Pets are also excellent support for members with certain disabilities and illnesses as they can alert other members of the family when something is wrong or when something needs to be done. This explains why the family is worried when one of their pets is not feeling well.

To ensure that your pets are healthy to perform their duties, you ought to work closely with a qualified, experienced and certified veterinary doctor or clinic near your residence. If you are in Woodhaven, then our clinic is at your disposal. Our comprehensive range of medical services for dogs, cats and other categories of pets will ensure that they are nursed back to health within the shortest time possible. It also ensures that some bacteria and infections are caught early before the wreak havoc to the pet's body.

To increase our efficiency and to ensure fast delivery of services, we have adopted the use of different technologically advanced diagnostic tools. We have also ensured that the clinic provides a conducive environment for the pets through the use of modern building materials such as mezzanine floors. This has not only increased the surface area of the shelter and the clinic but also has other benefits as explained below.
First, the mezzanine floor is pet friendly which eliminates the worry that the pets' feet and bodies will be injured either as they walk or play around the clinic. Second, these floors are extremely easy to clean. As a busy clinic, we receive, treat and care for a lot of pets in a day. In order to ensure the conducive environment is retained, we clean our clinic on a regular basis. This is easier with mezzanine floors given that the dirt does not stick and that a simple mop can get rid of all the dirt. Besides this, the mezzanine floors add to the beauty of the clinic and are extremely affordable.

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Services offered

Our range of services include routine check-up, vaccination services, different dental procedures, first aid and emergency services, pain management, minor and major surgery, anaesthesia, euthanasia, grooming and wellness care. If you are travelling and have no one to look after the pets, we can also take them in for the duration of your travel and ensure that they are well fed, that they get their daily dose of exercise and that they are well groomed. We also offer shelter to pets that have been abandoned or lost in Woodhaven.

Why work with us?

Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff members will ensure fast and proper diagnosis as well as treatment of your pets to facilitate their reunion with the family. The whole team understands how important your pets are and therefore treat all pets with the compassion, dignity and respect they deserve.